Having a big party and you don't have enough of your own dishes and you don't  want to use paper/plastic or rent from off island?
Use Sustainable Vashon's No trash Bash Stash!
notrash2We have:
 100 + dinner  plates
 100 +  lunch plates
 100 + dessert plates
 100 + knives, forks and spoons
 100 + coffee cups
 100 + napkins
 10 table clothes
200- 8 ounce glasses
Nothing matches, but it is festive and functional.
How it works:
Call and reserve what you need.
The home of the No Trash  Bash Stash is La Biondo Farm and Kitchen, just around the corner from the Jesus Barn in Paradise Valley on 111th. 
Return it clean to same location as soon after your event as possible.
Make a donation to Sustainable Vashon of any size that fits your budget. It goes to keeping and growing inventory.
Or make a donation of more stuff we need. There's a wish list in the Stash House.
No Trash Bash Stash is  available for Vashon/Maury Island events exclusively. 
Contact for reservation:
Karen Biondo
La Biond Farm and Kitchen
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.