The Green Seed Grant is a unique program designed to encourage community members to design and implement small-scale projects that help carry out the mission of Sustainable Vashon - to educate, model and advocate for the economic, environmental and social sustainability of Vashon Island. These grants are intended to ignite imagination, build community, and provide models of sustainable living here on Vashon.

We offer grants, up to $500, to cover such eligible expenses as materials and facility rentals.  Grants can not be used for salaries or payments to individuals.

WHO CAN APPLY AND HOW: Anyone with an idea for educating, advocating and/or modeling sustainability on the island* should contact a member of the SV Working Council to discuss your project. (Contactinformation is at the end of the Project Application.) Complete the application and return it to Sustainable Vashon, PO Box 2654, Vashon, WA 98070 or to the Working Council member you've contacted. We will accept applications any time, and we will respond to your request within 30 days.

HOW PROJECTS ARE SELECTED: Once you have submitted your application, members of the Working Council and past project leaders will review it for consistency with the Sustainable Vashon mission and potential for demonstrating sustainability.

WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Grant recipients will operate with the support of & under the auspices of Sustainable Vashon, in accordance with our non-profit 501 (c) 3 status. You will be asked to keep receipts and records related to the project, document (including photographs) the process as you are doing your project and to acknowledge Sustainable Vashon’s Green Seed Grant in your materials.

* We do not give grants to individuals/projects that are for-profit ventures such as a business.

A Microsoft Word version of the Green Seed Grant Application can be downloaded HERE.

A Text version of the Green Seed Grant Application can be downloaded HERE.